We went on a very beautiful journey to Mexico. In Playa Del carmen
The Mexicans are people very sympathetic nerves, cordial we resided at the BANANAS CLUB all included of which you can have(Playa Del carmen) an outline here while URL: 
It is a charming place, very convivial with 130 rooms and continuations on 5 blocks, of an impeccable cleanliness and a service of a surprising courtesy. 
You can change Canadian money and American in pesos directly has the hotel, therefore there are boxes of save.2 bars of which one with the beach club, drinks at will like dresser International and Mexican. the beach Club is Équiped for deep-sea diving, snorkell, kayak of sea, hammock, plays and geo on the spot of which one in French for animation. 
The more beautiful beach of Playa Del Carmen, very broad and the more beautiful steamer of cruising you pass have surroundings 1,000 metres some beach right in front of you, to unload momentary with port of Playa and thereafter continue have the island of Cozumel just opposite. 
My photographs will give you a small idea of this charming corner of Mexico, in the peninsula of Yucatán. 
Located has 45 minutes of Cancun and the airport. 
Hotel has the beach a few 15 minutes of walk or there is a service bus has every 30 minutes of the hotel to the beach club. 
Beach towel included/understood, chairs long and shelters. 
You be have 20 minute of walk of 5 ieme avenue of or you find all the restaurant, coffee, memory and music and of there with cross bar which go have Cozumel (Boat very fast catamaran (3) crossing of 45 minute with blow of 14$US go and return . From your hotel you can make all the towers guided which you want, in comfortable bus of luxury, and air-conditioned. 

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